OMG! Brews Games

OMG! Brews Games reflects the artisanal spirit of craft breweries. From Toronto, Ontario, Canada, this solo developer crafts mobile games with the aim of creating memorable experiences for every gamer.

Step into the world of “Plunk! the marble game,” our debut creation that has taken the globe by storm, boasting top placements in 19 countries on Google Play’s Brain and Puzzle categories and over 5 million downloads across multiple platforms.

If word puzzles intrigue you, dive into “Lost for Words” and challenge your vocabulary while satisfying your trivia cravings.

Our latest offering, “Asteroid Treasure Hunter”, catapults you into the adrenaline-pumping cosmos, navigating asteroid fields in search of hidden treasures. An action-packed odyssey that promises fun, thrill, and effortless gameplay.

At OMG! Brews Games, we’re champions of the microbrewed game movement. Our belief? Games developed by small teams or dedicated individuals exude more character and soul than mass-produced ones. Experience our unique blend of fun and flavor today!