Plunk: the marble game

Inspired by handcrafted puzzles, each Plunk! level challenges you to navigate gorgeous marbles through a wooden labyrinth. Tilt your phone or tablet in all directions and use gravity to roll the marbles past holes and into their targets. The first levels will test your hand-eye coordination as you maneuver one marble around, between and sometimes over fiendishly placed holes. Afterward, the difficulty escalates as two, three, four, or more simultaneous marbles force you to come up with increasingly complex plans.

Built to sound and feel real, this game will remind you of time spent playing the classic wooden marble labyrinth in your childhood, but will take you further by offering level after level of intricate challenges. Feel free to either play at your own pace and unlock the levels one-by-one or race the clock and earn silver or gold awards by finishing quickly.

The individual levels in Plunk! vary from straightforward to truly brutal in difficulty. It is surprising how clever they can be – sometimes seeming impossible until you discover the trick. The game can be frustrating at times, but this level of challenge is always rewarded by the satisfaction it gives in completing each puzzle. No one likes being completely stumped though, so if you get stuck on a level that seems unsolvable, use a key to unlock the next one and move on. Players start with two keys and more can be earned in the game by winning enough gold awards or by purchasing them through Google Play. Once you have had more practice, don’t forget to return to the skipped levels and try them again!